ABRACADABRA:אברא כדברא
An 8-week course with CityTree on magic, deep ecology, and the rise of the feminine


Answering the cry for a bit of magic in a wounded world, CityTree is offering an 8-week online course that will teach the foundations you need to bring out the natural healer inside of you.

We’ll be exploring old-time magic for our modern lives, reconnecting to the sacred elements, our innate sense of harmony with nature, and the wisdom held deep within our own bodies.


February 3-March 24 (Every Wednesday)
19:00-20:15 IST (12:00pm-1:15pm EST)




The course will be offered at three different investment tiers to make this knowledge as accessible as possible for as many as possible, while still respecting the effort and time that goes into making this happen. We invite you to mindfully consider what tier is appropriate for you at this point.

or 230 nis
Regular Tuition
or 430 nis
Pay It Forward
or 600 nis
For CityTree Patrons*
or 80 nis
*Open to CityTree supporters on Patreon contributing $18+ a month


Each lesson will be centered around a word in the Hebrew language and the foundational codes embedded in its construction. It is through these words and their ancient teachings that we will rediscover our sacred connection to the elements, uniting spirit and matter with a radical focus on the Feminine as an embodied source of magic.

  • A new (old) story of the Woman and witchcraft
  • How to come back into relationship with the physical world and its living wisdom
  • What it means to return to the Feminine through principles of deep ecology
  • Practical applications and explorations to help heal ourselves, our communities and our planet
  • Words from the Hebrew language and their divine teachings… and so much more!
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  • Real-time lessons. Eight live 75-minute lessons with Tami Zori via Zoom.
  • Offline access. All lessons will be recorded and available for download to course participants.
  • Community sharing. Additional opportunities to go deeper into conversation with other participants in a private Facebook group.
  • Weekly practices. Writing prompts and activities to apply learnings to your everyday life.
  • Bonus material. Participants will receive early access to three exclusive CityTree podcast episodes on witchcraft and ecology.


Each Wednesday (19:00 Israel Standard Time/12pm US Eastern Time) we will meet online through Zoom, a free video conferencing platform. All lessons are live with Tami and will last 75 minutes.

You can tune in through your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet (any device that supports Zoom). All meetings will be recorded and will be available as a downloadable video file within a couple days for participant access.

Additional conversation will occur in a community forum via a private Facebook group.


February 3-March 24 (Every Wednesday)
19:00-20:15 IST (12:00pm-1:15pm EST)


While this course focuses on the divine Feminine and the embodied Woman as an archetype, it is open to persons of any identity and orientation. We speak to the Feminine as an aspect of spirit that we can (and must) all call into our own being to catalyze a much-needed revolution in our larger systems that restores sacred balance to the world.


Tami Zori is the founder of CityTree, Tel Aviv’s first center and home for urban ecology. As a Bezalel graduate and fellow of the Heschel Center for Sustainability, she works to discover new ways to cope with climate crisis through education, research, and art--all with a bit of magic.

Tami’s ecological teachings and explorations are radically rooted in the intention to restore balance in the world. Her work honors ancient wisdom and nurtures the pursuit to more fully embody the feminine in our everyday lives. Tami walks the path of the New Woman as a healer, bridging the illusory gap between humans and the natural world.


Liana Berlin-Fischler is a systems-minded designer inspired by Earth’s innate creativity and the conscious experience.

She joins CityTree in a wide-range of capacities and is excited to engage participants further as both a co-creator and community manager for the course.


Just reach out, we’d love to talk!